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Dream Series

Renea Dubley is a multi-talented superstar living her best life, and accomplishing every goal and dream she’s set forth for herself in the entertainment industry. However, there is one thing that she's not having much luck with, and that is men. But now with her sights set on, Dejuan Washington, Renea is ready to throw caution to the wind and give love a second chance. In hopes that this time around things will go her way and she will finally get her happily ever after.

Dejuan Washington, is a rising basketball star who can't escape his past life as a D-boy. After meeting Renea and hitting it off immediately, Dejuan is finally happy and satisfied with the life that he's made for himself. That is until an enemy returns to settle old scores and expose secret's that could destroy both Dejuan and Renea's career as well as their relationship. So, now the question is.

Will Dejuan return to the life that he once vowed to never go back?

Will their love prevail? 

Or will Renea's dream man be the cause of her dream ending?


Flawless Imperfections

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I was untainted yet at the same time misguided. Lead by destruction and unfortunate situations from a past that now haunts me so much so that it keeps me up at night. I breathe in with a positive force, but I exhale the negative ones that fill my lungs.

Deceit and betrayal. 

I've murdered my past and butchered my present. There is no future for me, or at least that's what I tell myself. Stuck in this prison, cell block b is how I now refer to my mind. 

She's innocent they say.

And yet they're all completely wrong. I bring chaos and demise to any and everyone I meet. Leaving behind spilled blood and unshed tears. Slashing deep into one's heart is the effect of my deliverance and the key to my entrance, and once I'm inside, there is no turning back. "I'm sorry, I'm no good for you," is what I try to explain. I warn you and beg for you to leave, but you never listen.


It's what I seek, It's what I long for and want to be but how can I gain redemption? I believe that he loves me unconditionally, but I question if he will be able to see past all of the flaws and demons I still carry?

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Dr. Handsome

Since the death of my husband, life hasn't been the same. I've been busy trying to raise two children and turn a failing business into a success which leaves me with no time to date. Besides, I'm not sure if there are any men looking to date a widow with two children.

    But, I am sure of one thing my vibrator needs a break!

Even though a one-night stand is not something I'm totally into, Dr. Brendan Hopkins is. But, can we keep it casual without letting our hearts get involved?

Why waste time on love or just one woman?

Especially when there are so many women for me to indulge in, and the sexy curvacious woman from the gym that I've noticed eyeing me. She could be the perfect rebound chick. After my ex-fiancee walked out on me, I vowed to never let my heart get involved with another woman. But Marissa, she's not just any woman and I've known from the very beginning. But I made a promise to myself, and I'm not going back on it now.


Unapologetic Sin (A Novella)

Nilo has secrets, and I choose to ignore them. Both his passion and pleasure is untamed. Matters of the heart are no longer a question for either of us. I need him to devour me in the worst way, but I can't help but feel like I've been laying with the enemy.

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Cuffed (A Novella)

A love like ours is dangerous.

 Toxic even.

 All of the warning signs are there, and we can sense the unhealthy nature of our love, but neither of us can walk away.

 I crave his existence. Wait, does that make me the insane one? Nah, I know what I want, and I’ve staked my claim.

Tyrus is my master, and I applaud his dominance.

 The thought of him whipping me hard with his long, black, leather whip. The sting of his rod cutting into my flesh gets me wet every time.

Pain does not equal love.

But Tyrus does everything I require of him.

My rules. My way.

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