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Nae's FLAVOR of The Week

Updated: May 13, 2019

What's Nae's Flavor of the week you ask?

Well...let me first tell you how it all began. It all started when I began posting different models on my Pinterest board that I named "Welcome to the candy shop". It has men of all flavors that also have that Wowza factor that ladies love. So whenever I needed a break from working on my novels I would pick out one of the photos and write a poem or short story.

At first, it was only meant to keep my imagination at bay while working on my current WIP. For me, as a writer, I have so many crazy ideas and stories filling my mind 24-7 that I have to find different ways to get them all out, and that board helped me to do that. It was also a fun way to let loose and write about anything that came to mind without worrying about if I was being too freaky gangsta or street. I mean no one was ever going to read it.

Then...with a little help from my hubby, I came up with an idea to turn it into something more and share it with my readers.

So every Monday I will post a sexy, smooth, & tasty short story or poem. I want to add a photo along with each poem and short story to give you a visual, but social media can be pretty strict about sharing. If it allows me to post the photo along with the poem I will, if it doesn't then I will post the photo seperately.

You will find these weekly posts on my Instagram and Facebook so make sure you're following me and turn on my notifications. Also, don't forget to share the ones you like with your friends so they to can get their weekly dose of Nae's Flavor of The Week.

Thanks in advance and I hope you all enjoy!

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